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My childhood days August 25, 2006

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Date: 24th,November,1988

Time: 6:10am

I was born in Adyar, Chennai. After the marriage of my parents they moved on to Chennai to take over their occupation. I remember that we lived in Ayanavaram and later in Anna Nagar. I have a brother who is 5 years elder to me. I used to play with the neighbouring house friends. We used to watch the Heman, The Duck Tales, Dennis and the Menace, Superhuman Samurai (the list continues) in DD Metro. I studied in J.G.V.V., Anna Nagar where we used to play Hollywood (The movie version of Hangman) and the place finding game in maps. In my 4th grade, I became a fan of Popeye Series which they broadcast in Cartoon Network. After finishing my 7th grade, my brother passed out of his schooling and it changed my schooling too. The new school wasnt looking nice for me but later i got used to it. In my 8th grade, my parents bought a computer for my brother. In the meanwhile, he got a good score in 12th grade and got into Anna University as a ECE student. In my 10th grade, I used to study hard and got a good score. Later in 11th and 12th, I struggled a bit in studies. I opted French as my second language in my 11th and 12th grade. Then came the 12th grade final exams,i wrote my language papers well and in the physics paper i got little embarrassed after seeing the questions. I kept on thinking the physics paper and i got ill and i coulnt write well in my chemistry and biology papers. Later, In the results i got a pretty decent total and entered Anna University. I always had second thoughts of cracking AIEEE wtih a good score and entering into any NITs but it didnt work out in my way.

About me in Français August 18, 2006

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This is my first blog in wordpress and even my first blog in French which i studied in my 11 and 12th grade of my schooling. I refreshed my french mind a little and wrote this blog so if there is any grammar errors please guide me.

“Mon nom est Vijay. Je suis étudiant en ordinateur science (1e année) en CEG, Anna University, Chennai, IN. Je suis 17 ans.Ma date de naissance est 24e, Novembre, 1988. English, Tamil et français sont les langues connues.Ma ville native est Chennai. Je fais partie de la religion hindu. J’aime regarder des films et jeu jeux vidéo.”

Thats it for now. I actually struggled a bit to think those simple sentences. I’m a tech and movie freak. Can expect more blogs in these genres.


If you know french, its well and good and dont try to translate it with a translater.