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About me in Français August 18, 2006

Posted by Vijay in About me.
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This is my first blog in wordpress and even my first blog in French which i studied in my 11 and 12th grade of my schooling. I refreshed my french mind a little and wrote this blog so if there is any grammar errors please guide me.

“Mon nom est Vijay. Je suis étudiant en ordinateur science (1e année) en CEG, Anna University, Chennai, IN. Je suis 17 ans.Ma date de naissance est 24e, Novembre, 1988. English, Tamil et français sont les langues connues.Ma ville native est Chennai. Je fais partie de la religion hindu. J’aime regarder des films et jeu jeux vidéo.”

Thats it for now. I actually struggled a bit to think those simple sentences. I’m a tech and movie freak. Can expect more blogs in these genres.


If you know french, its well and good and dont try to translate it with a translater.


1. Minking Than - July 1, 2008

Why did you move from blogspot to wordpress? Your linkreferral page still points to blogspot, you might want to change it to this. Also you might want to look at the comment_subscribe module in wordpress

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