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Education System sucks!!! October 19, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Education.
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After India got Independance in 1947, IITs are formed and it is considered one of the prestigious institutions of the country till now. Only about 15000 juntas are selected from 3 lakh aspirants through their competitive test IIT-JEE which consists of 2 hours test of 3 papers each. In 2003, all RECs are united together under a common examination AIEEE which is 3 hour exam and it is open to all people. Until the unification of RECs the admission to REC are done according to the procedure of the their respective state in which it is located. In the recent survey of Top ten Engineering Colleges in India Today, Anna University finds a definite place in the top ten most of the times. Yet the admission to the college is based on 12th grade marks.

Tamil Nadu State Board 12th grade syllabus is actually a precise version of CBSE. It can never be compared with the CBSE 12th grade syllabus. Thus scoring marks is easier and most of them cram things and rewrite the exact answer as it is in the text book. SRV, a boarding school at Rasipuram near Salem are the experts in making the students to cram things exactly as it is in the Text book. The 12th grade marks should be kept only as Acads like our 10th grade marks and it should not be qualification for the admission to the college. A general category student who may have a high IQ but if he makes a small error in his 12th grade maths paper and it makes a lot of differences in his career. Admission to the colleges should be made only through competetive exams which consists of multiple choice questions. Another reason is that only a few percent of the seats are allocated for other state students and these restrictions should be broken and it should be open for the whole country.

Another point is that when my brother was studying his first year he has the option to study any foreign language like French, German, Japanese etc. But it lacks in my college days as they have made it english as the compulsary for all. This sucks!!!

Expecting this change to happen sooner in the coming years…

“aXXo” brands DvdRips October 8, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Internet, Movies.
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If you are a frequent Internet user and you search about movies downloads, then you might have come across the the term aXXo.”What is aXXo ?” or “Who is aXXo?” are questions that might be laid in your brains. aXXo is a mysterious person who converts the Dvds into a 700MB file and upload it in the Internet for P2P torrent users to download them free. His Dvdrip torrents are guaranteed that they are ripped to the highest quality possible in dvdrips with pixelating the picture. His torrents are uploaded in the top torrent sites like mininova, torrentspy and isohunt and millions of people downloads his Dvdrips every month. According to New York Times, two suspects have been known to be aXXo by the US police department and his identity is not revealed till today.In one interview he describes himself a male and when he was asked about the copyright laws aXXo replies

“Thank God in this country we don’t believe in copyright infringement. It’s just sharing entertainment, nothing more.”

Due to the popularity of aXXo, many people take advantage to install malwares and trojans on the victim’s system. These fake files may be of RAR files which requires to download a trojan virus and ultimately slows down to your system. In most of the RAR files the archive might be broken,so i recommend to download only a 700MB single file. FxG is also brand name for Dvdrips like aXXo. Anyway for English movies it is always recommended to download only after 1 or 2 months as it might take sometime to release the dvds, rip them and upload it. For Hindi movies, I recommend BrG that might be a single 700MB or 2x700MB or 1.36GB. You can download the PreDvdrips in BMB which might be of viewable quality but not as worse as CAM rip quality. All these I am saying because I am a 24×7 P2P downloader.


1.For more info at:


Reasons for WordPress October 8, 2006

Posted by Vijay in Internet.
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I was in search of a nice name for my blog and named it as “Blog Paradise”. Then i had a little confusion from which blogging site I have to start with. Finally after some comparisons I started to blog with wordpress. Till the mid 2006, blogger.com topped the competition and after that it was all wordpress.com according to Google Statistics. But i am not saying blogger.com is worse yet it is the best one for business strategy people and for those who wants to mint some money through ads. Only problem in wordpress is that we have to pay for somethings but overall it is good. We cant add custom themes as blogger and they provide a 60+ themes to blog with. The visitor stats are provided by the wordpress itself yet we dont need to add a javascript. Another important issue is that you can inport blogs from your other blogs whether they are in blogger, typepad, movabletype and livejournal. For adding galleries we have to a use picasso in blogger but here simply we have to add a tag to any post. In wordpress we can add static pages as in websites and separate your content according to your choice. The comments in blogger and be viewed or deleted while in wordpress the comment will first reach us the author and he has to decide approve or not. The wordpress has Akismet spam protection and this avoids spams but a blogger doesnt.

For personal use blog i recommend wordpress while a blogger is for commercial use. Finally i give the rating for the wordpress as one point ahead of blogger.


To blog in wordpress: www.wordpress.com

To blog in blooger: www.blogger.com