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Notepad Tricks January 10, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Education.

I write this blog by keeping in mind about the notpad tricks i have known. These Tricks were tested only on XP and dont know whether it works on Vista..

1. This Trick helps you to make a virus with your notepad:

Copy this code in ur notepad and save it and scan with your antivirus..
“X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}” (Without Quotes)

2. This Trick might be known to most of the people as Bush Trick:
Open a note pad and type Bush hid the facts. Save that file, close it and again open…

3. This trick has been added only after the world trade centre crash:
Did you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC on 9/11 was Q33N. Open your Notepad in ur computer and type the flight number i.e Q33N Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to Wingdings. U will be amazed by the findings.

4. This Trick makes your notepad with date and time entry:
Sometimes we want to insert current data and time, whenever we open the file in the notepad. If you are a lazy person like me, who don’t like to press F5 whenever you open a notepad. Then here is a trick to avoid this. Just add a .LOG in the first line of your text file and close it.Whenever you open the file with that text in the first line in the notepad, it will insert the current date and time at the end of the file. You can start entering your text after that.

5. This Trick helps in Changing Header and Footer of the notepad:
Ever printed the little text you wrote in Notepad? More often than not, the printout starts with “Untitled” or the filename at top, and “Page 1? on bottom. Want to get rid of it, or change it? Click on File, Page Setup. Get rid of the characters in Header and Footer boxes, and write what you want as Header and Footer. Use the following codes.

&l Left-align the characters that follow
&c Center the characters that follow
&r Right-align the characters that follow
&d Print the current date
&t Print the current time
&f Print the name of the document
&p Print the page number

Print tree root

a. Open NOTEPAD and enter {print tree root}
b. After that hit enter and type C:\windows\system
c. After that hit enter and type {print C:\windows\system\winlog
d. Hit enter and type 4*43?$@[455]3hr4~
e. Then save the file as teekids in C:\windows\system.


Content is taken from other website.


1. karmel - June 24, 2008

Great Blog!
Though Vista, Notepad tricks to techie for me.. :p

2. Ira - July 6, 2008

“Untitled” at the top of the printed page had always bugged me. I have strived several times to get rid of, or change, it. I now know, THANKS TO YOU! Appreciate it.

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