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Shortest route in Life… July 20, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Education.
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I have always wondered about the people who get a MBBS degree after 5 to 6 years of hardship and then crack the CAT to get into IIMs. By the time they passout from IIM it would be around 7 to 8 years in the career benchmark to start earning a buck. The best match is to be a IIMA grad with an IIT background. But most of the things in life doesnt happen in the best way. One of the best routes is by getting educated in DPS, Delhi or KV or anyother reputed CBSE school and starting his/her IIT plans right from 9th grade or else after finishing 12thgrade, joining B.com in any reputed universitites in the country and then getting into IIMA. This option requires only 5 years of his/her life and after that he/she might see a lot of bux in the Management world. The cgpa doesn’t matter how low they are until you crack CAT and GD. Only in the PI you need to answer valid reasons to your poor scores in UG. You may be a average student in your Acads, but you must have exceptional reading and speaking capabilities to survive the WIMWIian life. After that once you are inside the IIMs they are considering only the cgpa for the summer placements and it would be relatively easier to get a good score in B.com than an IITian. The most important thing is that you have completed your Bachelors Degree in a year less than that of an IITian. The main drawback of a non-IITian is that you may not be good at analytical approach but an IITian has this brilliant quality which is mostly required to survive in IIMA. Another good news is that, as about 90 to 95 percent of the IIMs juntas are from engineering background, he/she could stand unique among the crowd.


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