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The word “LOL” May 19, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Internet.
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I have seen this word before but i havn’t known the real meaning of the word “LOL”[Wiki]. Once i went to Aamir Khan‘s chatroom and there i found some guys waiting for aamir khan to come online. Aamir Khan usually comes online between 2 to 4 A.M. and after that he sleeps for 4 hours and starts his workout in the morning at 8 A.M. In the meantime in the chatroom, there was a debate about Indian Cricket Management between them due to the IPL fever. There i found a lot of these words. When i searched Wiki I found that its abbreviation is “laughing out loud” or “laugh out loud” and it is used to express the bodily reactions through the Internet. In the search for lol, I found three more Internet slangs “ROFTL”, “BWL” and “BFN”. The word “ROFTL” means “roll(ing) on the floor laughing” while the word “BWL” means “bursting with laughter” and “BFN” means “bye for now”.


Some of the content are taken from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lol


It is not true that Aamir Khan always sleeps at 4 A.M. He might change his work schedule.


Best game ever… May 15, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Games.
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Firstly i would like to convey that i am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto Series and i am very upset to know that GTA 4 wont be released in PC Platform. Though i havnt played the first two versions of the GTA series as they are not in the kind of third person shooters. In my 9th grade, I first started with GTA 3 when my brother bought it from one of his classmates. It was nice to have a sanbox style approach for the game and finished that game in 3 months. Then I played Vice City which was even more easier for me but i havnt finished the toy helicoptor mission in the construction building and overall its a nice game and things go pretty fast. In San andreas, its a ultimate time killer only for those who sacrifices their precious time for that bloody game as it as restaurant, gym, barber shop, cloth store, strip clubs, driving school and hell a lot of things. We have to do things as in reality and it takes most of the gaming time thus causing the gameplay boring. I played for a couple of weeks and got frustrated with that GTA. I came to know that GTA 4 has been released and its the best game ever as the game ranking in every website is 10/10. Its trulely because of its graphics, gameplay and the delay in the release of this edition.

They have replicated the present day New York city as the Liberty city. They introduced about 15 multiplayer modes. Every car has a GPS device which positions the character where he is right now and help to find the route for his destination place. The new GTA character carries a mobile phone with him is the unique feature of this game.He can 911 and ask help and can send and receive sms. The city has a number of “TW@” cybercafes where the GTA character can browse a number of fictitious websites and can receive and send mails via his email ID. This sounds something nice and I hope that next version of GTA should be released in PC platform and it might recommand a DirectX 10 technology.


1. Watch the teaser trailer at


2. For more info:


My 2nd year hostel life… May 12, 2008

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We had a happy vacation and during that one month I went to IIMA for 3 days. Our 2nd year started in July 5, 2007 and i was approaching the hostel office for the admission of hostel. Finally got a admission to hostel and joined in June 23, 2007 and my alloted Room no:26 but i used to be only at Room no:44 in Block III. As i joined hostel one year later, i couldnt make friends easier as they were all set with their friends. I used to me with my classmates most of the time and later i get to some of the Mech juntas. We had a nice time during our Juniors freshers meet “Agni”. After 6 months, I conquered the Room no:48 since there were only two mates in the room. In Room no:48, I get to know some of the Electronic media students who were always dreaming about flash and documentary film making. We had some enjoyable memories during Kurukshetra and Techofes. In Kurukshetra, we sat as audience in many biz events and we came across the robotics arena quite a few times. In Techofes, i spent only two nights there and left home as it was quite boring for me. On February 19, 2008 I lost my Nokia 6600 in Room no: 48 and i can still remember that incident. I took my desktop to Room no: 48 and i can remember those moments of playing Cricket 07, Prince of Persia and AOE. At times we use for study some stuff also especially Graphics and Animation using C Language. Finally i conquested Room no:50 for only a month and the April month was a terrible one since we have water only in the morning and that too only for 2 to 3 hours and most of the times we dont have electricity in the afternoon from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. My second year was a period of my memorable hostel life.

Vista is less vulnerable to virus attacks… May 9, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Softwares, Technology.
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I am presently using a dual OS desktop with multiple partitions and using Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. After much thoughts i found to see that Vista is less prone to virus attacks. Windows XP is very efficient for systems of configurations with 512 RAM or 1GB RAM. But if you are having 2GB RAM one should prefer Vista. Though after installation of Service Pack 1 for Vista, i couldnt be able to play some of the games that would be playable in XP but still i prefer Vista because of DirectX10 gaming which will the future gaming. When i was in hostel, i even got some of the DirectX10 game demos and it didnt work in my Vista as I need a DirectX10 compatible PCI graphics card. Vista has greater High Definition support than XP. It has an advanced Media center and Movie maker when compared with XP Media center Edition. Although I have antivirus in XP, i still get affected by the virus somehow or the other. But i wont get this problem in Vista. Vista Ultimate has many applications and most of them i havnt used. Vista has better security than XP. The main problem with Vista is that you need to install only Vista compatible softwares which were only a few at the beginning but now we a ample number of resources.


Its highly recommended not to install Vista in 1GB or 512MB or lower which would degrade your performance then you might be able to run only Vista and not your applications efficiently.