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Vellithirai June 19, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Movies.

After I finished my second year exams,I watched a glimpse of this movie வெள்ளித்திரை. Prakash Raj and his team always comes with a message conveying movie. In this movie they have come to say

“கதை தான் ஹீரோவ உருவாக்கும் ஆனா ஹீரோவே கதை இல்ல”.

This is actually a dialogue by Prakash Raj in this movie which depicts the storyline tag. The story behind வெள்ளித்திரை is that two contrasting characters சரவணன்(Prithvi Raj) who is an upcoming storywriting cum director and கண்ணையன்(Prakash Raj) who is walking to get a chance as hero. At one point of time, Prakash Raj gets copyrights of Prithvi Raj’s story in his absence and he becomes a great actor in the fame of Dilip Kanth. Prakash Raj starts doing commercial films which is depicted to Today’s Trend in Tamil Cinema where our present day actors like விஜய்,அஜித்,(too many to mention) do to maintain their heroic image. Prithvi Raj stays in the cinema field as an unknown Asst.Director. Later,Prithvi raj is requested to do a movie with Prakash Raj by a well known producer.Later part of the story is that whether he completed the movie with Dilip Kanth’s cooperation or not. In an interview with Dilip Kanth in the movie, he was interviewed that what he would have become if he hasnt come to cinema and he replies

“நான் சினிமாவுக்கு நடிக்க வருலேனா,சினிமா என்ன ஆயிருக்கும் அதை நீங்க யோசிக்கணும்”.

This reflects the two faces of every celebrity before and after entering the movie field.

Prakash Raj’s other notable works are அழகிய தீயே, கண்ட நாள் முதல் and மொழி which are not of commercial value but still conveying a good message to the crowd.


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