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My Toughie Calculus August 8, 2008

Posted by Vijay in About me.
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I really had tough times in my first two years of college where I used to get struck with the Calculus. I started avoiding Integral Calculus from my High School, as our exam pattern had a plenty of choices in it. We had 10 chapters in Math and if we are thorough with 6 to 7 chapters then we could easily get 90 to 95+ marks. So i mainly concentrate on Matrix, Vector Algebra, Permutation & Combination, Analytical Geometry, Probability and Differential Calculus and eliminate Integral Calculus. Finally I got just a 90+ mark in Math and I finally entered Anna University in MSc Computer Science (5Years). I havnt performed relatively good in any of my Math assessments and i always had Internals of less than 35 marks out of 50. I scored only D and E grade in Math which can be considered only as a mere pass mark. I remember Fourier, Cauchy, Legendre, Bessels were too toughie for me and i always thought why I got stuck in this hell rather than joining a B.Com or any other Bachelor’s degree. Anyway i am going to crack CAT and it would easier to keep a good acads in B.Com rather than in Engineering. I can blame only one thing is that our High School Pattern with too many choices which made me easier to leave out integrals and suffer a lot in my college acads.