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Best game ever… May 15, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Games.
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Firstly i would like to convey that i am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto Series and i am very upset to know that GTA 4 wont be released in PC Platform. Though i havnt played the first two versions of the GTA series as they are not in the kind of third person shooters. In my 9th grade, I first started with GTA 3 when my brother bought it from one of his classmates. It was nice to have a sanbox style approach for the game and finished that game in 3 months. Then I played Vice City which was even more easier for me but i havnt finished the toy helicoptor mission in the construction building and overall its a nice game and things go pretty fast. In San andreas, its a ultimate time killer only for those who sacrifices their precious time for that bloody game as it as restaurant, gym, barber shop, cloth store, strip clubs, driving school and hell a lot of things. We have to do things as in reality and it takes most of the gaming time thus causing the gameplay boring. I played for a couple of weeks and got frustrated with that GTA. I came to know that GTA 4 has been released and its the best game ever as the game ranking in every website is 10/10. Its trulely because of its graphics, gameplay and the delay in the release of this edition.

They have replicated the present day New York city as the Liberty city. They introduced about 15 multiplayer modes. Every car has a GPS device which positions the character where he is right now and help to find the route for his destination place. The new GTA character carries a mobile phone with him is the unique feature of this game.He can 911 and ask help and can send and receive sms. The city has a number of “TW@” cybercafes where the GTA character can browse a number of fictitious websites and can receive and send mails via his email ID. This sounds something nice and I hope that next version of GTA should be released in PC platform and it might recommand a DirectX 10 technology.


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