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Prison Break July 10, 2007

Posted by Vijay in Serials.
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After I finished my 1st year exams, I started watching Prison Break and it is one of the best thrilling serials of all time. Though i happened to watch only the Season 1, later i couldnt get a chance to view the other two seasons. I watched the whole 22 episodes in a week which was broadcasted for a year in FOX. The screenplay of the serial seems to be very fast as you get a experience of watching a two hour movie. I am writing this blog only after watching the first season alone, so i dont know what the story in the season 2 and 3. The plot is about the hero Scofield who is graduated as a structural engineer and can do math calculations perfectly. He is sent inside the prison to help another prisoner named Lincoln Burrows, who is accused for the murder Vice Prisident’s brother of United States. Lincoln was nothing but the brohter of Scofield. Scofield looks to be calculative in his every step he makes and that makes the serial a thrilling one in each and every minute. Scofield sought the help of his six inmates in the prison to work out hos masterplan. Although it has similarities with the classic film “The Great Escape”, but Prison Break is something different and a good creative thinking by the director Paul Scheuring. They had miss understanding between the inmates and finally a six of them managed to escape. This serial had the most number of viewers in United States of about 12.1 millions. In the September fall, they are going to broadcast the fourth season of Prison Break.


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