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Disneyland goes 3D June 10, 2008

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Living in an imaginary World is not so far when you have Google who are creating a Virtual World for you. I recently noticed many cities are made up in 3D view which was not there a 6 months ago. Google first acquired the virtual globe program from the Keyhole Inc. in 2004 which formerly now known as “Google Earth”. Google Earth works in Keyhole Markup language the one in which it was formerly developed. Actually the 2D images of the earth are the pictures captured by the satellites launched by NASA. Later in 2007, out of Google’s Interest they used Sketchup, a 3-D modelling program to construct 3D buildings and structures. They added added a new feature called Google Sky and they are nothing but the telescopic pictures provided by the Space Institute at Baltimore. In June 2008,they completed the Disneyland in the 3D view and it is incorporated in the Google Earth 4.2. In Google Earth 4.3[Download],they launched with integrated Street View which provides 360° panoramic street-level views and allows users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level.


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Vista is less vulnerable to virus attacks… May 9, 2008

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I am presently using a dual OS desktop with multiple partitions and using Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. After much thoughts i found to see that Vista is less prone to virus attacks. Windows XP is very efficient for systems of configurations with 512 RAM or 1GB RAM. But if you are having 2GB RAM one should prefer Vista. Though after installation of Service Pack 1 for Vista, i couldnt be able to play some of the games that would be playable in XP but still i prefer Vista because of DirectX10 gaming which will the future gaming. When i was in hostel, i even got some of the DirectX10 game demos and it didnt work in my Vista as I need a DirectX10 compatible PCI graphics card. Vista has greater High Definition support than XP. It has an advanced Media center and Movie maker when compared with XP Media center Edition. Although I have antivirus in XP, i still get affected by the virus somehow or the other. But i wont get this problem in Vista. Vista Ultimate has many applications and most of them i havnt used. Vista has better security than XP. The main problem with Vista is that you need to install only Vista compatible softwares which were only a few at the beginning but now we a ample number of resources.


Its highly recommended not to install Vista in 1GB or 512MB or lower which would degrade your performance then you might be able to run only Vista and not your applications efficiently.

KGB Archiver May 25, 2007

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Compression is one of the most essential thing while sending a file through email. Instead of attaching ten pictures and sending a mail, we would a attach a single compressed zip file which saves us time. There wont be any much difference in their sizes(uncompressed file and a zip file). It might just compress it to 70% or 80% of its total size. On the otherside,ripped games using UHARC compresser which would compress the game size to 1/10 of its actual size.Yet it requires only 5 to 10 minutes to decompress. Then the 7zip archiver also couldnt make much difference in the compression it is also similar to UHARC compression.

Do you think that it is possible to compress 1GB file in just 1MB?

It is possible with the KGB archiver[Download] which compresses to about 1/100 of its actual size and more than that..

Can you imagine a 5GB Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas in just 64KB file?


But it takes about 3 to 4 hours of decompression.You should compromise in that.

Two Major products of Microsoft that are compressed to very extreme and really working. Since they are compressed extreme, it takes some time for the installation. But you could see the 700MB file of the OS soon after the extraction of this rar file which takes less than a minute. Just download and decompress and i can assure the installation. No one losses anything in just trying a 4MB file.

Installation Notes:

For extracting Office 2007, install beforehand KGB Archiver that existed in zip archive, and for Vista can be mounted in Daemon Tools or any other software of that kind.



It requires a minimum of 1.5Ghz clock speed processor and and a minimum of 512MB RAM (1GB recommended).