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Dasavatharam June 28, 2008

Posted by Vijay in Movies.
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Yesterday only i saw the movie Dasavatharam -the magnum opus of the year 2008, though it had hit the screens a two weeks before. Once again Kamal fails to satisfy his audience with his own script. The movie is all about to have Kamal Haasan in ten different roles and for that they have made a story screenplay. I don’t know why they gave a great hype for this film, as its a usual tamil film with Kamal in different roles. Everyone must compromise with the story as it is a tough job to link all the characters within a limited 180 minutes. Inorder to deliver the characterisation of ten different roles the movie has exceeded the 180 minutes mark and this makes the audience much more uncomfortable. The movie looks like a extended version of Kamal’s aalavandhaan where he played two contrasting characters. But in Dasavatharam he had done with loads of makeups but in then different roles. The CG works and visual effects of the film are not upto to the level but its far superior when compared to any other tamil movies especially in the Tsunami climax. Most of the makeups are not looking genuine and character looks like a comic character especially the Fletcher. Kamal’s characters can be identified easily due to over makeups on their faces. But Kamal have done some work by bringing some difference in mannerisms of characters. All this credit goes to the legend Kamal Hassan who have done work perfectly. The stunts are different which we haven’t seen in any of the tamil movies. I didnt like the first fifteen minutes and i think it doesnt have any relevance to the film, but it all depends on the director as they have created a story with ten different roles and it should be that way. Another thing is that why they have made with Himesh rather they would have done with some other Kollywood Music Directors as the song are not much effective and appealing. “Ulaga Nayagane” song which is one of the best in Dasavatharam songs and they spoiled that by using it in the credits section of the movie. And even i thought why they made song sequence in the movie instead they might have had some more BGMs. Its a good sign to see big budgeted tamil movies with Anniyan (2005), Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu(2006)-Under 30 crores, Sivaji(2007)-90 crores and Dasavatharam(2008)-165 crores.

Comments: Watch Kamal in different roles..not to expect more than that..


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