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My 2nd year hostel life… May 12, 2008

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We had a happy vacation and during that one month I went to IIMA for 3 days. Our 2nd year started in July 5, 2007 and i was approaching the hostel office for the admission of hostel. Finally got a admission to hostel and joined in June 23, 2007 and my alloted Room no:26 but i used to be only at Room no:44 in Block III. As i joined hostel one year later, i couldnt make friends easier as they were all set with their friends. I used to me with my classmates most of the time and later i get to some of the Mech juntas. We had a nice time during our Juniors freshers meet “Agni”. After 6 months, I conquered the Room no:48 since there were only two mates in the room. In Room no:48, I get to know some of the Electronic media students who were always dreaming about flash and documentary film making. We had some enjoyable memories during Kurukshetra and Techofes. In Kurukshetra, we sat as audience in many biz events and we came across the robotics arena quite a few times. In Techofes, i spent only two nights there and left home as it was quite boring for me. On February 19, 2008 I lost my Nokia 6600 in Room no: 48 and i can still remember that incident. I took my desktop to Room no: 48 and i can remember those moments of playing Cricket 07, Prince of Persia and AOE. At times we use for study some stuff also especially Graphics and Animation using C Language. Finally i conquested Room no:50 for only a month and the April month was a terrible one since we have water only in the morning and that too only for 2 to 3 hours and most of the times we dont have electricity in the afternoon from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. My second year was a period of my memorable hostel life.

My 1st year at a glance… May 20, 2007

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As I had no option to opt with, I finally chosed to study MSc Integrated Computer Science in Anna University in 2006. We are exposed to some new things in Anna University campus while the other colleges lack that. MSc Integrated course was started only from my brother’s batch of 2001. We were only a few in the class at the beginning of the 1st year but later a few of our mates joined us. As I was a day scholar at the 1st year i couldnt get much opportunity to move with those mates. I always thought of studying with people who are from different places but it didnt work as most them are from chennai. We enjoyed our English class a lot.We were the first batch to have Kurukshetra fest and it was partially a success. We had some memorable days during the Techofes, the cultural fest of Anna University and we had a chance to see some of the cine celebrities of Tamil Nadu. We made some hangouts to theatres, beach and some shopping complex. On overall in my first year, we had only a little opportunities to cherish with.

Hacking Toolz January 15, 2007

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I attended a workshop in Kurukshetra, the Techfest of Anna University in January. I write this blog to share some of the hacking tools i have known during that 3 hours of workshop. Hope everybody might have known the fundamentals and i dont think i need to start it from scratch. Hackers is of two types: Internal and External

Internal hackers pose the greatest threat to the IT systems of the world’s largest financial institutions, according to the 2005 Global Security Survey.

1. GetAdmin – This is a hacker utility which exploits flaws in MS Windows NT 4 OS and changes the administrative privilege of an account ie.any guest account can be changed to an administrator of the network.
Note: It doesn’t work in later version of windows
2. PipeUpAdmin – It is same as GetAdmin.But it works in MS Windows 2000. It has more enhanced features than GetAdmin.

Privelege Escalation is the process of exploiting a bug in an application to gain access to protected resources in the network. Cross Zone Scripting is a type of attack in which a website subverts the security model of web browsers so that it can run privilege escalationmalicious code on client computers. Vulnerability can be reduced by installing server packs and patches.

Password sniffing is an act of finding the password to gain access to the main system.
LC4 or L0phtCrack – This the most frequently used software for password sniffing. The good intention of this is that if the system admin has forgot the password then he can find the password within a minute. The bad intention is that it is used by hackers who can get all the passwords of a company within a minute. It usually uses the dictionary attack.

Session hijacking is the act of taking control of a user session after successfully obtaining or generating an authentication session ID. T sight Realtime – Once this software is connected to another system,the whole system is hijacked. A new window is opened in the hacker window and whatever the victim types over there Tsight display it in the hacker screen.

Port scanning software imply sends out a request to connect to the target computer on each port sequentially and makes a note of which ports responded or seem open to more in-depth probing.nmap is the mostly used software for port scanning.

Atlast i would conclude by listing some of the trojans and hacking tools with their use:

1. smbdie – This can kill the computer
2. netbus – trojan which can access the victim computer
3. elitewrap – this binds two exes which is used to combine a data file with a virus.


Some of the accurate definitions of the hacking tools are taken from Wikipedia